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Robertson McQuilkin crossed my path at a crucial time. I was recovering from a ‘toxic’ church and skeptical of all things Christian. He showed me a new way that combined intellectual rigor with a clear example of compassionate integrity, and in the process helped to set my course forever. –Philip Yancey: Author and Speaker

Most notable men distinguish themselves in a particular area of life. Robertson McQuilkin is one of those rare individuals who has excelled in multiple areas of academics, missions, writing, speaking, leadership and family life while exhibiting an extra-ordinary anointing and spiritual depth. This book will continue to bless generations to come as it captures the legacy of his life. –Jerry Rankin: President Emeritus of International Mission Board, SBC and Director of Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies, CIU

This book will mentor you. Something on every page will make you a better person, a stronger leader, and a wiser thinker. I confess I’ve found this book delightful because I know and love Robertson McQuilkin and Columbia International University. But had I known neither, I would still have read every chapter with profit and pleasure. You will too. –Robert Morgan: Pastor and Author

Isaiah 66:2 (ESV)
2  All these things my hand has made, and so all these things came to be, declares the LORD. But this is the one to whom I will look: he who is humble and contrite in spirit and trembles at my word.

“When was the last time you were physically affected by the reality that almighty God just spoke directly to you?…If Jesus could speak and raise the dead, calm a storm, cast out demons, and heal the incurable then what effect might a word from Him have upon your life?”  Henry & Richard Blackaby EXPERIENCING GOD DAY BY DAY (pg 4).

Lord, Speak to me, I want to be in a listening mode all day.  Teach me.  Inspire me.  Help me see.  Encourage me.  Cause me to tremble with the reality of your presence.  May this house, my body, be your holy habitation.

Your Child wants to be a better listener

June 19-21, 2015 at Fairhaven Retreat in Roan Mountain, TN.

See this Google Doc to find our more. or read below!

  • Did you attend ETSU or ASU in the 70s and were involved in Campus Crusade now (CRU)?
  • How would you like to get together and see what God has done IN and THROUGH our lives?
  • How about a weekend in the beautiful TN mountains!
  • A Reunion Event being planned for June 19-21,2015 in Johnson City area.  
  • Inviting students and CCC staff connected with ETSU and ASU in the 70s.
  • Find details on food and lodging
  • See a list of those who are planning to attend


  • Location: Fairhaven Retreat,  near Roan Mountain ½ way between Johnson City and Boone. The cottages and chalets are set up the same and are the same price $80 per night (4 people = $20 each per night.  Each unit has a queen bed in the master bedroom, above in the loft there are two single beds, and the couch in the main room is a queen hide-a-bed.
  • Steps to Register:
  • Phone Call : Call Mary at Fairhaven 423-772-4269 – She would like for someone representing each unit to call and make the registration under “Cru ETSU Reunion.”
  • A check for the $50.00 deposit can be mailed in, or a payment can be made at the website:   
  • The lodge has no bedrooms but is for group gatherings and has a kitchen.  We can gather and eat at the Lodge.
  • Send photos to Joel Morgan (see contact info below) and he will prepare a slide show.
  • FOOD – If you have food allergies or issues — email them to me at .  Pandora King and Bev Thomasson will be helping me plan meals Fri supper – Sun lunch.  We will purchase food and let everyone know what the cost per person will be… can pay at the retreat.
  • For people who cannot attend maybe we can do a video connect during the weekend.  If you cannot come send Skype info and I will make a Skype group.


LIST OF THOSE PLANNING TO ATTEND — 19 or 20 depending on Joy of 3/17

  1. Harold & Mary Lynnn  Eubank
  2. Tim & Bev Thomasson
  3. Bob Thomas (Carolyn)
  4. Mike & Debbie Brown
  5. JOEL MORGAN (Rhaime) *
  6. Roy & Pandora King  *planning to attend -
  7. Ron & Joy? Barker
  8. Lee & Kitty Bennett
  9. Roy Bowery (Judy)
  10. Chuck & Pat Thomas Edwards


Isaiah 6:5 (ESV)
5  And I said: “Woe is me! For I am lost; for I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips; for my eyes have seen the King, the LORD of hosts!”

When Isaiah sees the holy God in a dramatic vision he equates his sin with his lips.  How often are my words — both the outer words we hear and the inner ones i speak in my heart — one of my weakest places of failure and sin.

James 3:5-8 makes it very clear — anything that is powerful can be a great source of giving life or an explosive way of destroying life.  I can sing out in worship of God but then contaminate myself and others when I use my same tongue to tear down a person bearing the image of God.  I think that is why if you speak in an attacking way to one of my children you are likely to get me in your face… they are my image bearers — to attack them is to attack me.  God takes the words we use about people he has created very seriously.

In James and Isaiah fire shows up — the tongue can be like a small fire that sets loose a destructive forest fire — but God can also touch and cleanse the unclean lips with his merciful fire.

When God is maturing a leader — he will never leave out the tongue.

John 21:15 (ESV)
15  When they had finished breakfast, Jesus said to Simon Peter, “Simon, son of John, do you love me more than these?” He said to him, “Yes, Lord; you know that I love you.” He said to him, “Feed my lambs.”

My first base every day is LOVING JESUS more than I love anything he lets me do or be a part of accomplishing.

In verse 22 Peter wants Jesus to tell him what will happen to John and Jesus assures him it is NOT to be his focus.  I can tell when Jesus is not my first love because I am looking around comparing myself to others.  A leader is wasting precious energy when we are caught up in measuring so we can compare, compete or judge.  Focus on loving Jesus and walking our your journey with Him.

To examine my focus and my love will take me to uncomfortable exposing places, like it did with Peter.  If you hear Jesus say to you  “What is that to you?” — relax — he is speaking in love.

I have had many fine teachers in my life.  I know… I am blessed.  One of the best was James “Buck” Hatch.  Alumni of Columbia International University ( consider his teaching classic and a foundation for their ministry.  There are many free resources in the Buck Hatch Library but let me recommend a great message on DEPRESSION (click here)

Let me know what you think

Theologians have a range of perspectives on this question.  Here is my take.

1) The church and the kingdom are not the same but are closely related.

2) Think of  a timeline.  On one end you have Abraham, in the middle you have Jesus on earth, and on the right hand end you have the return of Christ.

I see God’s goal — launched with Abraham was to have a people who would declare, “You are our God!” and over whom He could say, “You are my people!”  As God adopts his family he goes from a tribal network to a nation to a church (people scattered among every nation) to the kingdom.

BUT — Jesus declared that with his coming as redeemer and the indwelling Spirit now in every one of God’s people we were to be living out kingdom lifestyle and values.

The lives of Christians should make people want to be in Jesus’ kingdom family.  The power, peace, love etc., should all be evidence that the message of salvation in Christ is true and available.

What are your thoughts on churches with 10,000+ members in your personal experiences and connections, are these people being discipled?

These two questions were asked by students at Columbia international University.

1) God must like congregations of all sizes since churches ranging from less than 10 to over 100,000 do exist.

2) All of the largest congregations in the world are outside the United States and yet most congregations around the world are quite small (less than 50).

3) I am not convinced that size is the critical factor in effectiveness of community or disciple making.  I have observed some very unhealthy small congregations and some very fruitful large congregations.  The focus of the leadership, the values guiding how the church invests its time, money and communication, the quality of the personal and group prayer life, the level of joy in the group life — and I am sure there are other elements — these have more to do with impact and community than the number of people.

This question comes from a student at Columbia international University

It can be challenging to define terms these days.  Check out this doctrinal statement as one I often use when asked what I believe.  THE LAUSANNE COVENANT .

Words tend to be colored by how we see them being used.  Several of my African American friends struggle with being identified as “evangelical”.  They have told me it brings up many distasteful images.  These Christian brothers affirm all of the essentials of the faith that I do but we have difficulty finding a term that has not polluted by its usage by certain groups or the media.  The church we attend has been using terms like: “progressive multi-ethnic church” and a “Christ centered Acts 1:8 family”.  These are both very long and still carry some baggage or may not be understood by some groups.

I think maybe I will just go back to “Christian” or “Follower of Jesus Christ” and try to live in such a way that others get a good definition from my life.

This question is from a student at Columbia International University

1) Our world is changing and that includes how people respond and become disciples of Jesus.  Once churches are over 20 years old many begin to lose their flexibility to make necessary changes.  They have diminished desire to be risk takers — often a necessary ingredient to be able to reach people.

2) Leadership tends to be expressed in a generation.  As a new generation emerges the leadership for that generation needs ways to carry out the leadership mantle.

3) There is a false assumption in the question.  Resources to reach the least reached and unreached on the planet is not exhausted by planting new churches where the church is already established.  The problem is a lack of focus, commitment and generosity by the established church to reach those outside their circles of influence.

4) Often new churches are more invested in local, regional and global witness than older churches.